Wiatrakowo (ENG: Windmill)


Wiatrakowo (ENG: Windmill)
Cholewianka 60
Kazimierz Dolny 24-120
51° 17' 53.3436" N, 21° 57' 43.65" E


Name of the owner : 


Phone number : 

606 667186



Scope of Activity: 


The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

Workshops organized at a request or open workshops on traditional healthy eating and cooking, painting on  wooden boards, the opportunity to create one’s own wooden board, unique memorabilia on wooden canvas and many other attractions. Workshops - painting and ceramics, a volleyball and football pitch, a garden with a playground, the cookhouse, sun loungers, a sauna, a pool table, educational and natural route “Over the Ravine” remain available for guests.

Tourist Offer: 

THERE ARE STILL SUCH PLACES ... Of magic and charm ...

Wiatrakowo is a beautiful site located 2 km away from the main square in Kazimierz Dolny which is 25 minutes' walk along the yellow tourist trail or 5 minutes’ drive. A place full of peace, tranquillity, and the sun, the birds singing and the wind noise.

The site consists of MŁYNARZÓWKA - an old wooden house with a porch, THE HOME OF WINDMILL – a new, very comfortable house with a large terrace made of stone and the unique artistic design, the BARN with the interior indicating the past traditions and a terrace located over the ravines in the woods, and the cosy and very charming CABIN and a HAPPY HOUSE with three bedrooms, a fireplace and a kitchen. Everything in the atmosphere of the old comfortable home. In the vicinity of the buildings there is a garden, a large walnut orchard, centuries-old spreading larches. As well as a BARBECUE COTTAGE located over the ravines, OBSERVATION TOWER, THE TREE HOUSE, a secluded bonfire place ..... And everything surrounded by ravines at three sides, gorges of the forest of oak and hornbeam.

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We can host 40-45 people in the 1-4 persons rooms.


We offer:

- Comfortable and spacious  rooms (each with its own bathroom and towels): 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 5-bed (with extra beds)

- the whole house may be for rent - wooden Młynarzówka (12 lodgings) or a Barn (9 lodgings) for exclusive use of guests

- In every house there is gas heating, heated floors, living rooms with fireplaces, and Młynarzówka and a Barn has a fully equipped kitchen,

- full board or individual meals (including vegetarian options),

- Organization of private group events (social events, parties)

- Establishment and organization of workshops and training sessions (our training company has been operating in the market since 2000)

We also organize:

- Punt and whip cruising and picnics on the beaches

- Jeep tours - carriage or  wasąg (traditional regional car) rides

- Sleigh rides,

- Guided walks,

- Gala dinners and parties. The windmill dining is a cuisine with a good tradition derived from family recipes and formulas, offering a wide selection of fruit and vegetable preserves. Seasonally you can also try  our liqueurs: e.g.,  “wiatrakówka” of  unique colour and flavour, (the secret recipe guarded by the Host).