Regional Cultural and Sports Centre in Krzczonów


Regional Cultural and Sports Centre in Krzczonów
St. Żeromskiego 11
23 – 110 Krzczonów
51° 0' 25.7976" N, 22° 42' 38.8332" E


Name of the owner : 

Samorząd gminy Krzczonów

Phone number : 

81 5664 074


Scope of Activity: 

Cultural Centre

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

Folk shows /  Krzczonów embroidery, eggs, tissue paper, production of Easter palms, traditional Christmas decorations, the folk spider – learning about the components, baking bread in the bread oven and related shows – individuals, folk artists and certified instructors – may be arranged for by telephone.

Tourist Offer: 

All-the- year-round offer: in 2014 B-camping / folding beds / the seat of the Regional Krzczonów Association; accommodation in the agritourism farmsteads, catering - catering companies from Krzczonów or agritourism farmsteads, Eco-path to the Royal Forest Sanctuary, visiting the sights in Krzczonów, visiting the Regional Centre,