Regional Chamber of Memory and Tradition in Karczmiska


Regional Chamber of Memory and Tradition in Karczmiska
Centralna 6
24-310 Karczmiska
51° 13' 45.6312" N, 22° 0' 5.6016" E


Name of the owner : 

Gmina Karczmiska

Phone number : 

81 8287069 kom. 669227338


Scope of Activity: 

Library - cultural and educational activities

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

We offer the sightseeing of the regional chamber, including the ethnographic corner combined with a lecture on the history of the mansion, the village of Karczmiska, meeting with folk artists - a painter, a poet and workshops on handicrafts such as knitting and cross-stitching. Walking in the park. There are three natural monuments. Occasional exhibitions. Tasting of regional dishes. Lovers of culture, history and regionalism are welcome to visit the Regional Chamber of Memory and Tradition located in the Municipal Public Library in Karczmiska in the nineteenth century manor house. In the chamber one can see the photos of the mansion and the landlords in the years 1905-1939 as well as the documents associated with them. There is also an ethnographic corner, where one can find folk costumes, everyday objects, reels, a chest, a roller, a butter churn, irons, kerosene lamps, water-slings, bread shovels, sickles, flails, washing tars. There are also artefacts from World War II, such as a pole telephone, canteen, bullet cases, a bayonet, German identification cards – “Kennkarten”, cards for meat and soap, a horse passport. Among the exhibits we have an official banner of “Wici”  Rural Youth Organization dating back to the years before the war, and a book of minutes of meetings of the organization from 1932, the Book of Protocols of the Fire Department from the years 1927-1960, as well as documents related to the Narrow-gauge Railway.  Literature lovers can take a look at the Scriptures from 1893, the Canticle from 1934, and a book entitled “Czachary”, written by M. Rodziewiczówna, published in Lviv in 1920. The archived notarial deeds and many other documents related to the village and the region are also valuable documents. The Chamber was established in 2009 and is located along the cycling route of ,,Nitka Kolejki Wąskotorowej” (ENG: “The narrow-gauge railway line”) running by the mansion and park in Karczmiska. The Chamber can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Tourist Offer: 

Available all-the-year-round. The Mansion sightseeing tour, and workshops.