Ornithological Camp in Kaliszany


Ornithological Camp in Kaliszany
Wyspa wiślana w okolicy miejscowości Kaliszany Kolonia
24-340 Józefów nad Wisłą
51° 4' 36.9624" N, 21° 48' 1.4184" E


Name of the owner : 

Robert Rudolf

Phone number : 

663 585 634



Scope of Activity: 

Research - finger boarding and ringing of birds during the Fall migration. Observations and data compilation.

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

Nature Workshops for children, youth and adults. The classes provide for  participation in the network exploring on an hourly basis, learning to recognize bird species migrating through the valley of the Vistula River, and those that stop to rest on a sandy islands and sandbanks, learning techniques of bird watching in the field, as well as learning to recognize trees and shrubs growing on the island, and the acquisition of knowledge of one of the most beautiful places, which is the region of the Little Poland Vistula River Gorge.

Tourist Offer: 

The station operates seasonally from August to October. We offer “birds” at your fingertips, participation in scientific research, natural surroundings, harsh terrain, a place for a tent, full boarding, unforgettable atmosphere, beautiful moments by the banks of the Vistula River.