BAKERY Tadeusz Zubrzycki


BAKERY Tadeusz Zubrzycki
Kraczewice Prywatne 26
24-320 Poniatowa
51° 12' 3.096" N, 22° 5' 25.1412" E


Name of the owner : 

Tadeusz Zubrzycki

Phone number : 

81 820 42 82


Scope of Activity: 

family bakery

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

Baking workshops to promote the disappearing craft professions and good, healthy, traditional bread.

BAKERY T. ZUBRZYCKI is a family craft business operating  in the market for three generations, stuck to the proven traditional recipes and flavours. Its aim is to satisfy even the most demanding tastes of consumers by giving them tasty, healthy and safe products.

BAKERY implements the projects aimed at creating a habit of informed purchasing choices.

Since the 70s of the last century we have implemented the project titled “From grain to loaf” dedicated to the groups of children, youth and adults in order to familiarize them with the traditional method of bread baking. Participants take part in the workshop, so that in addition to hand-made ​​bagels and croissants, they learn about the history of the craft guilds of bakers and production of healthy wholesome breads.

Tourist Offer: 

Kraczewice Prywatne is a place with a very rich history. The first records date back to 1412. Places to visit are:

- 1830 Insurgents  Kurgan  

- Austrian Soldiers Cemetery of 1915,

- The trenches of World War I,

- Neoclassical palace with a beautiful park,

- Museum of the NSPJ Parish in Kraczewice,

- Wooden Roman Catholic Church, one of the few in the Voivodeship of Lublin, built of larch tree,

- Churchyard cemetery – graves of AK (ENG: the National Army) and WIN soldiers from World War II.

We cooperate also with the  “Montis” Hotel - Poniatowa and “Słowik” (ENG: “Nightingale”) in Poniatowa.