Multimedia Museum in Opole Lubelskie


Multimedia Museum in Opole Lubelskie
24-300 Opole Lubelskie
51° 8' 51.3204" N, 21° 58' 3.324" E


Name of the owner : 

Opolskie Centrum Kultury

Phone number : 

81 475 50 10


Scope of Activity: 

Cultural Centre, Museum

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

The  Multimedia Museum in Opole Lubelskie offers the presentation of disappearing jobs in the town and the municipality of Opole Lubelskie. By means of multimedia presentations, videos, educational games, permanent and temporary exhibitions, we try to show visitors  how our city has developed,  old jobs. Visitors can see not only how, for example, a shoemaker’s workshop looked like but also try their hand in the game entitled: “Workshop of  Blind Rage”. In addition to visiting the museum, we also offer a guided sightseeing tour around the town. You can see the historic church and two palaces located in the town. The Opole Cultural Centre also offers ceramic workshops in manufacturing vessels and ornaments from clay. During such workshops anyone can individually hand-make earthenware, which will then be fired and sent to the indicated address. Thanks to these workshops, in addition to the acquisition of basic ceramic skills, the attendees can learn methods of manufacturing vessels that have been practised for centuries. Workshops are conducted for groups of not less than five and no more than ten people.The Eco-museum of the Lublin Region consists of 31 facilities located in the central-western part of the Voivodeship of Lublin. They are located within not more than 50 km (directly) from Lublin and form a network of unusual tourist attractions set up upon the initiative of local communities and presented by the residents themselves. Each attraction has its own programme. A tourist identifies the leading theme (e.g., beekeeping , blacksmithing , weaving , milling , rafting , plaiting , papermaking , pottery ) which is presented by a person with a genuine passion for it. While the story goes, one can touch and try out the exhibits and equipment. In addition, visitors are invited to participate in artistic activities and making of folk ornaments, and attend workshops, so that they can see the manufacturing processes such as pottery, horseshoes, rugs, paper and flour making “in action”. A visit to the Eco-museum is also the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and to purchase  authentic handicrafts. Since the eco-museums are scattered, visitors can get to know the Lublin region and its landscape and natural values better​​. Most of the attractions of the Eco-museum are located in the area of an outstanding  nature beauty, within the areas of protected landscape parks or scenic river valleys. The tourist opportunities  offered by the Eco-museum of  the Lublin Region are addressed to all those who want to learn about the traditions of  Lublin rural areas. Guides are local enthusiasts who have committed themselves to preserving this beautiful heritage for future generations. You are kindly invited to visit each  of the Eco-museums.The “Eco-museum of Lublin Living Tradition” has been implemented within the framework of the project of co-operation among three Local Action Groups:Local Action Group „Zielony Pierścień” ( ENG: “Green Ring”), in Nałęczów.Local Action Group „Owocowy Szlak” (ENG:“Fruit Trail”) in Opole Lubelskie.Local Action Group for the Development of Municipalities of the District of Lublin „Kraina wokół Lublina” (ENG: “Land Around Lublin”) in Lublin .

Tourist Offer: 

All-the- year-round availability