,,Kuźnia Wojciechów" (ENG: “the Forge of Wojciechów”)


,,Kuźnia Wojciechów" (ENG: “the Forge of Wojciechów”)
Wojciechów 153
24-204 Wojciechów
51° 14' 8.7036" N, 22° 14' 48.7392" E


Name of the owner : 

Roman Czerniec

Phone number : 

691 053 403



Scope of Activity: 

blacksmith + agritourism

The opportunities offered in the Eco-museum of the Lublin Region: 

Educational classes for children, youth and adults in the field of traditional and contemporary artistic blacksmithing. “Live” shows of horseshoes forging, as well as other articles made of iron and metal, horse shoeing showcase. Colourful stories of the forge of Wojciechów blacksmith and a brief history of upbringing in the blacksmith family  - “blacksmithing as a hobby, profession and tradition” passed down from generation to generation for more than 90 years.

Tourist Offer: 

available all-the-year-round, including:forging demonstrations, a brief history of crafts and  family tradition, visiting the forge and a gallery of metalworks, accommodation, boarding,